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西甲瓦伦西亚主半球维拉利尔:LED Explosion Proof EXIT lights

瓦伦西亚中超进球 Model: BYD-B

Explosion-proof emergency light

1, Environmental friendly and energy-saving;
2, No UV or IR radiation;
3, SMD LED light source, high bright and soft light;
4, Built -in converter, automatically switch to battery output when black out;
5, Ni-MH battery, at least 3 hours duration, and can be recharged up to 300 times;
6. Warranty: 3 years;
7. CE and RoHS compliant.

LED Emergency Exit Light/Lamp/Lighting Sign  Explosion Proof
Installation Attention
1. Indoor use only.
2.  Turn off the power before installment, don't touch the surface of the lights when light on
3. Please make sure using in the normal environment
4. To avoid using nearby the hot or heat source place, where has the corrosive gas.
5. Make sure the installment place could afford 10 times of the weight of light..
6. Installed position must be no shock, no fire hidden danger
7. The product is non waterproof, so put it in the dry place.
8. Do not touch or/and knock the product body during working

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